Volunteer Services

The nurses and doctors on the interdisciplinary team provide hands on (medical) care.  All other aspects of the lives of the patients and their families are considered valid areas of concern for the volunteers.  Services offered may include the following:

  • Patient education for personal and home care.
  • Companionship in person and by phone.
  • Respite care & facilitate communication within the family.
  • Providing assistance in addressing end-of-life issues.
  • Location of resources regarding financial, insurance, legal matters, funerals, and advanced directives.
  • Encourage the patient and family to participate in decisions and to explore alternatives.
  • Bereavement support.
  • Household chores and errands.
  • Contact Us to Become a Volunteer! sierrahospice@frontier.com

How Can You Help?

As a volunteer, your efforts will be appreciated and your assignments rewarding.  Do you have a special talent to share with patients and staff?  Areas utilizing volunteer support are:

  • Patient Care & Family Volunteers.
  • Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store
  • Community Speakers.
  • Providing Transportation.
  • Green Thumbs for Memorial Garden.
  • Annual Memorial Tree Lighting & Fund Raising.
  • Equipment Shed Helpers.
  • Or Make a Donation

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