Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store

Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store

Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store
684 Main Street  ♥  Chester, CA  ♥  530-258-2046

Forget-Me-Not is open from 11AM – 4PM Tuesday – Saturday. We were closed throughout the shelter-in-place orders but are open now for your shopping pleasure! Please make sure that you bring and wear a mask (they are mandatory by state and local law as well as being store policy) and that you practice good social distancing while in the store.

Forget-Me-Not is owned and run by Sierra Hospice. We serve patients and families who are vulnerable to this outbreak and our primary mission is to continue to serve them and our community. We are aware that many people are opposed to wearing masks in public but we have a duty to take every possible safety precaution to ensure we are not contributing to the spread of this deadly and highly contagious disease. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our customers.

Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store was opened in 1994.  The goals of Forget-Me-Not Thrift Store are:

To provide financial support for the programs of Sierra Hospice. To increase awareness of Sierra Hospice in our community. To meet and work with interesting people for a good cause. To maximize the value of our donated merchandise. To offer our customers good value and a pleasant shopping experience and to make the shop the best it can be!

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