Labyrinth & Memorial Garden

The memories of loved ones continue to live through the work of Sierra Hospice.  The memorial garden will enhance our ability to serve by offering a place of respite to those at the end of their lives path and their families.

Gardens are symbols of hope and renewal of life.  This project offers donors the opportunity to designate beautiful living memories to their lived ones.  Celebrate the life of someone who was close to you and at the same time provide the funds needed to help build the Sierra Hospice Memorial Garden. 

For more information about the Memorial Garden or about volunteering in the garden please call our office at 530-258-3412.

We extend our gratitude to the Memorial Garden designer Rob Lee of Adams & Lee Landscaping and to Terri and Dick Withrow of Gifts from the Garden for providing garden plants at cost.

This is a great example of a Labyrinth similar to the one located on the Seneca Hospital grounds. More photos of ours are coming soon!

Labyrinth New Location

Recently Sierra Hospice was able to move our Labyrinth from the Seneca Hospital grounds to the nearby Chester Cemetery. We are very excited to have…
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