About Us

Since 1981, Sierra Hospice has been a volunteer, community-based intensive program.  It is dedicated to providing end-of-life aid and support to the patient and their family.  Trained volunteers are an integral part of this program.  Their sensitive and empathetic support makes it possible for the dignity and control of care to be returned to the family during life’s final journey.  Other interdisciplinary team resources are:  physicians, nurses, clergy, pharmacists, physical therapists, homemakers, home health services, and funeral directors.

Our services are free of charge – Hospice affirms life. Hospice recognizes dying as a normal process whether or not it is resulting from disease.  Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death.

Sierra Hospice Mission Statement

To provide, via a volunteer program, end-of-life aid and support to patients and their families. 

Statement Of Purpose

The purpose of Sierra Hospice is to offer aid and support to those persons suffering from a terminal illness.   This includes a multidisciplinary approach to care and bereavement counseling.  Our geographical service area encompasses the communities of Clear Creek and Westwood in Lassen County, and Plumas County including Chester and the Lake Almanor Basin.  Sierra Hospice’s speckal competence stems from its rural character, with volunteers who are specially committed to the concept of hospice care.

The Hospice Concept

During medieval times in Europe, a Hospice was a way station for weary travelers and pilgrims to receive shelter, replenishment, and care.  Hospice, today, provides specialized health care services designed to meet the unique practical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of individuals and their families who are facing end-of-life issues.  An interdisciplinary team of professionals and volunteers provides loving ans supportive care so that the patient and family may live as comfortably and fully as possible in the surroundings of their choice.  Bereavement services are an integral part of our hospice program including:

  • A full library of books & videos
  • Assorted brochures & handouts
  • A one-year mailer program
  • Workshops
  • Social opportunities
  • One-on-one volunteer support