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The Labyrinth
Ideas for Group Walks


Goodbye Ritual

Have the person who is leaving enter the labyrinth first, the others following at one-minute intervals.  As each person arrives in the center, they can say a private goodbye, then walk out and gather around the labyrinth, encircling the one who is leaving and greeting him/her as she emerges to face his/her new journey.

Rites of Passage and Congratulatory Rituals

Have the master of ceremony or clergy member enter the labyrinth first.  The person you are celebrating then walks the labyrinth encircled by those present for the celebration.  Any ceremony, congratulatory remarks and awards or gifts can be given when they have reached the center.  Feel free to have those in the circle around the labyrinth participate in sharing remarks.  The return walk is followed by greetings from all those attending the ceremony.

Joy Walk

Give the people encircling the labyrinth bubbles and bubble wands.  The people walking the labyrinth have musical instruments and/or colored scarves.  As the walkers make music and wave their scarves, those surrounding the labyrinth shower the walkers with bubbles.  As a walker emerges from the labyrinth she trades places with one of the bubble blowers.  This is not only fun, but is an opportunity for learning and giving.

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