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Guidelines for
Walking the Labyrinth


There are many ways to walk the labyrinth.  Your walk may be thoughtful or prayerful; joyous or earnest.  You may walk alone or with a group.

Begin by quieting your mind and become aware of your breathing.  Listen to your body and find the pace you want to go.  Walking, those going in will meet those coming out.  You may "pass" people or let others step around you.  The labyrinth experience includes these relational interactions.  Do what feel natural.

If you are with a group, you can all walk single file in meditation or you may want to hold hands and move together in a spiraling dance.  You many want to sing or pray aloud as you go.

While adults may tend to be more somber, children may prefer to run or skip along the path.

Patients and caregivers alike find the labyrinth's journey therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit.  The labyrinth is wheelchair accessible, broadening the breadth of participation.

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