Volunteering in 2020

Volunteering in 2020

A new decade is upon us and with it are so many new opportunities. There are so many things that you could be, that you could change, that you can fight to keep the same as we move into the Second Roaring Twenties. Many of us get very optimistic around this time of year, we want to make improvements to our lives, we want to seek out new challenges, we want to try new things, and many of us want to give back.

There are so many ways to give back to our community, whatever your interests are there are people with similar interests who are working on solving problems and engaging with the issues. In 2020 Sierra Hospice is partnering with members of the local community, nonprofits, businesses, and the Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce to initiate a new way of connecting volunteers with volunteering opportunities. You can fill out the survey at the Points of Light program page if you’d like to get connected to a nonprofit organization in the greater Lake Almanor area and start donating your time and energy to any number of the great groups that are working all of the time to help maintain this region as a fantastic place to live.

The Points of Light program is the first phase in bringing more volunteerism to the area, so keep an eye out for more announcements about the project and the next phases as we enter into the new year! If you’d like to be involved with the Points of Light project more directly you can also contact us from the link on the Points of Light page or contact me at matt@sierrahospice.com or call (530) 258-3412 for more information.

Of course I’d be remiss not to put in a recruitment pitch for Sierra Hospice. We are always is on the look out for new Patient Care Volunteers. These are the people that go to the homes of our Hospice Patients and work with them and their families to make sure they are comfortable, they are being well taken care of, and to act as intermediaries between patients and doctors if need be, arbiters of stress in the home, and helpers in any way they can. We are there to make sure that our patients are comfortable, have their pain managed, and to help make plans and arraignments for after they pass. Hospice volunteers are the cornerstone of our organization, and we need compassionate people who want to make a very real and very lasting difference in the lives of the families they serve.

We are also looking for bereavement counselors, specifically people who may be interested in helping to run a support group in Chester, CA. While a background in counseling or bereavement support would be ideal, the best candidates are those that are dedicated to helping others work through their loss and their grief on an ongoing basis regardless of past experience. Passion for helping and an ability to listen and be empathetic are all you truly need to be able to help those that have lost someone, and we would love to meet with you if this is something that you might be interested in participating in.

Even if you do not feel that volunteering at Sierra Hospice is the right fit for you right now, I hope you explore some of the many other volunteer opportunities this great area has to offer.

And of course whatever you decided to do in the Twenties, we wish you peace and love and happiness.