Today, November 8, 2019, is the 1 year anniversary of the Camp Fire that killed 85 people in Paradise, CA. The tragedy hit everyone in the area in one way or another, we all know someone who was forced to relocated, or we know someone who has lost someone, or we know someone who was lost. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those that have lost someone to this catastrophic fire and we hope that our communities will not face wildfires rushing through towns so quickly and with so much devastation in the future.

Yet for all the was lost there is till a resilience in the human spirit. People are rebuilding, their homes, their businesses, their lives. We can never reclaim what was lost but we can rebuild what was lost in someways. We mourn those we have lost and we move on with our lives because that is what life demands of us. We remember, we grieve, and we continue to go on even when it seems impossible to do so.

Today is a day to feel the sorrow of the lives lost. Today is a day to be sad. Yet it is a day to reflect on how life can and always does continue to move forward after a loss as well. We remember those we lost and will always remember them. And we keep going forward and rebuilding as best we can. In hospice we accept that death is part of life, and that whatever feelings you may have about it are normal as there is no good reaction to have to death and loss. Yet because we see it as a part of life we know that rebuilding, restarting, restoring is part of life as well. We remember and we grieve and we move forward because that is what has to happen. It is okay to feel sorrow. It is okay to be sad. And it is okay to move on, too, after tragedy strikes.