Why volunteer?

Why volunteer?

Becoming a hospice volunteer might seem like a daunting tasks. Working with people facing serious illness at the end of their lives can, of course, be emotionally and physically challenging for any volunteer. Yet the benefits of volunteering can be immense. You may learn the value of a life well lived, the importance of community, friends, and family at the end of life, or you may connect with another person in a way that has profound and positive impacts on your life for years to come. You can gain perspective and balance in your own life, and the knowledge that you have helped a patient and their family at the end of their life is an uplifting and wonderful experience that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

A misconception that some people have is that they need a background in medicine or other care in order to become a volunteer. The real benefit Sierra Hospice can offer to our patients is that our volunteers are regular people with a diverse background in many different fields. As the Hospice Volunteer Association points out, “volunteers are able to help normalize the hospice experience for patients and families.”

Many benefits exist to any type of volunteering, of course; reducing stress and anger, connecting to the community, career or educational advancement, and bringing balance to your mind and body to name a few. Yet working with people at the end of their lives is still something that sounds very overwhelming to many new volunteers. Yet if you find yourself drawn to wanting to aid others, to be there to assist in times of need, or just feel a strong desire to help others in your community, you are likely a great candidate to become a Hospice volunteer. It is quite normal to feel fear at the idea of working with terminally-ill patients, yet once you come into the organization, meet the patients, and get the training you will need to be able to help in the best way possible, you will find the fear fade and be replaced with a new sense of knowledge that you can truly help families and patients.

If you think that volunteering might be something that you are interested in, please contact us at sierrahospice@frontier.com or (530) 258-3412 and we will be happy to discuss the process with you in much more detail. There is never any commitment to joining Sierra Hospice if you would just like more information, and we would love to hear from you and learn why you might be interested so we look forward to any calls or emails you send our way!